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How to Get Hired as a Restaurant Manager in 2022

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the restaurant industry makes up 3.8% of the total US workforce. Keep in mind, that is almost 10 million people amidst a pandemic. Imagine the numbers if we were all healthy and able.

In that pool of people, you will find hosts and hostesses, dishwashers, cooks, food runners, bartenders, servers, and more, and most importantly, at least one restaurant manager.

A manager is arguably the most essential role when it comes to running a restaurant, which is why the individual for the position is very carefully chosen.

Here’s how to help ensure that you will get hired and become a successful restaurant manager in 2022:

Carefully review the restaurant manager job description

It is very important to not only know what is listed on the job description prior to applying and interviewing, but it is also crucial to be aware of your daily to-do’s before beginning your new position.

What are the duties and responsibilities of this job? What are the expectations set by the restaurant owner, and what expectations do you need to set for your team?

General managers are typically asked to manage their staff through guidance and effective leadership, develop business goals and action plans according to company objectives, and maintain high team morale and strong work ethic. In addition, managers are expected to oversee all daily operations including sales growth, cost management, and staffing.

Gain a ServSafe certification to increase your chances of getting hired

A ServSafe certification is not only a national requirement in the industry, but it is also a way to set you apart during the hiring process. Do not assume that the restaurant that hires you will pay for your certification in food safety management, alcohol training, or food handling.

As an aspiring restaurant manager, it would be wise to gain your ServSafe Food Safety Management certification ahead of time. At the very least, it will impress the person who is hiring you!

Find a professional to shadow

Figure out what it means to become a restaurant manager by playing the role or watching it.

Ask around your network for an available shadowing experience. Not only will this give you an opportunity to work hands-on in the position prior to the start of your new position, but it will also prove to your employer that you are willing to go the extra mile to learn and grow.

Consider looking for restaurant manager jobs in your local area

In your local area, you are considered a familiar face. You’ve probably dined and enjoyed your time in several of the restaurants near your home – so much so that you may even be remembered.

A good reputation as a customer, means a welcomed job application and a good chance for an interview. Searching online for restaurant manager jobs is also a great option; iHireHospitality, ZipRecruiter, and Career Builder all post relevant, current ‘restaurant jobs near me’.


As you continue to search and apply for restaurant management positions, remember you have earned your way into the position of restaurant manager.

I’m sure you have more than likely already set some pretty high expectations for yourself when it comes to your new position.

You want to know that this new venture of yours will be successful – that your restaurant will be successful. I’m here to help make sure that happens. Give me a call to schedule a restaurant management consultation or to just ask questions.

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